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Formed in 1997, we throw fun stuff at your eyes, and your brains.


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Making a science show from the bedroom

BBC Bitesize Seymour Science

What better way to teach science to kids than through the eyes of another kid? That’s exactly what we did for this series. Hosted by a science-mad bedroom vlogger called Seymour, each episode Seymour is joined by a guest who tackles a different KS1 science topic, with Seymour often being more of a hinderance than a help. We had a lot of fun creating a varied gang of friends, all loosely named after famous scientists.

  1. Friends line-up

The star of the show

We made a big effort to make Seymour mischievous but likeable and each episode allowed us to come up with all sorts of different costumes and poses for him.

  1. Seymour poses

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