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Formed in 1997, we throw fun stuff at your eyes, and your brains.


  • BBC
  • Macmillan
  • Pearson
  • King's College London
  • Unilever

Condensing primary learning into bitesize chunks

BBC Bitesize Explainers

Modern media-savvy children have a pretty short attention span. They like to get information quick and jump off to something different if they don’t. So we loved the challenge of condensing curriculum topics into 30 second and 60 second animations for BBC Bitesize.

More than a few characters

To make sure that viewers didn’t tire of the animations, we created two distinctive art styles, and multiple different scenarios. That meant that throughout the project we created over 60 different characters, all with their own personality quirks.

  1. Character grid

36 animations in 6 months

In a short space of time we were able to create over 36 animations. Just a few of the example scenarios include Frank writing a scary novel to teach the basics of English Writing, Buff the hapless theatre star to teach English Speaking, Molly the Scientist to teach about Working Scientifically, and our personal favourite Putter Mulligan at the crazy golf course, teaching about Statistics.

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