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Helping Welsh children to speak more Welsh

BBC Bitesize animations

The Welsh language is a vital part of Welsh culture, and education plays a key role in keeping that culture alive. This series of short-form animations, produced in collaboration with BBC Bitesize, follow a group of teenagers on their daily adventures around relatable Welsh locations, and encourage pupils to use Welsh language in everyday scenarios – covering topics such as greetings, money and days of the week.

36 animations in 6 months

Creating something real

For the animations to be successful, the characters needed appeal to the target audience. With the help of some hugely enthusiastic school groups, we created a group of characters that represented a broad cross-section of society, with younger and older siblings tailored to specific age ranges. Some of the overly-ambitious character traits proposed by the pupils didn’t quite make the cut – such as parachuting skateboarders – but hopefully there might be a spin-off series for these one day.

  1. Character line-up

More than just a voice

When it came to sourcing voiceover artists to bring our characters to life, we quickly realised how important it would be to have authentic voices. So all of the characters in the animations are voiced by real school children, not professional actors, and are from all across Wales, to ensure a great variety of accents and local linguistic differences.

Animating the inanimate

To ensure the series was constantly exciting for pupils, we also developed another world within the environments, where inanimate objects would come to life and dance along to Welsh songs. These ranged from foam bananas at the cinema, to melting ice creams at the beach.

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