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The Regenerators

Putting climate change under the magnifying glass

BBC Bitesize: The Regenerators

As part of the Regenerators Bureau of Investigation, it is the job of two budding climate change detectives – Agents Sustain and Able, to investigate environmental mysteries. Working with BBC Bitesize and their Regenerators campaign, we created a set of 5 connected, interactive animations to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of climate change.

  1. BBC Regenerators

Agents Sustain & Able, R.B.I.

Sustain is a bold-as-brass 10 year old with ADHD while Able is a composed 14 year old with a penchant for problem solving. With Sustain’s sketchbook and Able’s satchel of gadgets, our agents’ approach to a case couldn’t be more different. But each incident is unique, and both methods get results; showing there is no ‘correct’ way to solve a case.

  1. BBC Regenerators characters
  2. BBC Regenerators characters

Scenes of the crime

We worked with the BBC and an educational expert to pin point 4 key locations for our detectives to investigate as climate change ‘crime scenes’. These ranged from harvest failures to ravaged rainforests to plastic-strewn beaches.

  1. BBC Regenerators

Examining the evidence

Each interactive animation follows the detectives examining separate evidence at the scene. We then pass the power to the viewer by giving them the chance to ‘crack’ the case by selecting which of the detectives theories they think is correct. A follow-up animation is played depending on which theory was picked, explaining further why an answer was correct or incorrect.

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