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Mazes, myths and the mystery of the missing dog

BBC Bitesize: Ancient Greece KS2

Follow the adventures of Cassandra and Helenus as they explore Ancient Greece in search of their wandering dog Argo. When creating this game for BBC Bitesize, we chose Argo as the method to draw children into the themes and topics of Ancient Greece.

An ancient world of characters

Our games bring to life everything from Olympic athletes, Hoplite soldiers, travelling Truce Bearers and dramatic actors, through to more mythical character like the Minotaur, Medusa and many of the Gods and Goddesses. And Argo the dog of course!

The essence of Ancient Greece

Whilst making the games fun, we also paid close attention to historical accuracy, by researching architecture, written descriptions of buildings and clothing, and then also trying to capture the colours and vibe of the time period.

13 Greece-themed mini-games

Using the BBC’s IVOR game platform, we built a wide range of mini-games including sequencer games, memory games, maze games and the always-challenging slide puzzle games.

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