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Formed in 1997, we throw fun stuff at your eyes, and your brains.


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Sailing the sea with pirates, puzzles and slimy slugs

Swashbuckle Midnight Mystery

Swashbuckle is a popular pirate-themed gameshow on CBeebies that already has a couple of successful spin-off games. The BBC asked us to come up with a game with a completely different feel that would stand apart from what they already had. The brand is very bright and playful, so we suggested taking a turn towards the spooky and developed a concept based around the mysterious Midnight Isles, all under cover of darkness!

  1. Swashbuckle hub

A new pirate gang

As part of the project, we were excited to design two new pirate sidekicks, to tie into their introduction on the live-action show – Sandy and Seaweed. Along with existing star-of-the-show Gem and the pesky Captain Captain, we brought in other fun characters like Sluggy the sea slug, and a even a disco turtle.

  1. Swashbuckle characters

11 pirate-themed mini-games

The game was built using the BBC’s IVOR game engine and the 11 mini-games utilised a variety of gameplay mechanics – drag-and-drop to piece together a treasure map, wipe-reveal to scrub shark’s teeth, side-scrolling race riding a sea slug whilst avoid stinky socks. With 5 game islands, each with 2 games, the user needed to complete them all to unlock the special Swash Salute bonus game.

  1. Muddled Kiosk
  2. Muddled Map
  3. Sluggy Race
  4. Slop Waterslide
  5. Captain Captain
  6. Shark Teeth
  7. Shark Temple
  8. Shanty Tune
  9. Sluggy Kiss

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