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Formed in 1997, we throw fun stuff at your eyes, and your brains.


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Putting the grrr in great language learning

Blabber who?!

The Blabber Beasts are here to help you learn languages – starting with French, with German coming soon. Follow their Youtube channel on their mischievous adventures, and see how many languages you can learn. For kids and grown-ups alike.

  1. Camp site

Simple topics, tackled with fun

On the channel we cover topics ranging from numbers 1-10, to days of the week and places around town. Each video has its own little storyline, with quirky humour and visual gags throughout.

  1. Places around town

An extended monster family

As the channel grows, we’ll also expand the group of monsters – spots, slime, tails, wings, sweatbands… we’ll cover them all!

  1. Extra monsters

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