World Cup sweepstake postcards

45 29 May 14


Recently we’ve been working on a little side project in the studio — our very own World Cup sweepstake postcard set! It’s a set of 32 cards, featuring illustrated animals to represent each country. We like to call them the Animal Allstars.

The concept is simple, just sell each of the cards to friends or colleagues, who in turn get a randomly selected card from the pack. That then becomes their team for the tournament, and their card is their essential fact file, with fixtures and key info.

We’ve also now put together a downloadable PDF sweepstake sheet that you can print out for yourself. Download it here. Enjoy!

Update — we’ve now also animated all of the animals for a fun fixture guide for the tournament too.







































[…] LINK: ALL 32 Postcards […]

Animal Allstars Postcards | Footy DesignFooty Design said on June 5, 2014

[…] FFFootball post showcases Splinter’s set of 32 illustrated postcards featuring animals that represent each country competing in the […]

FFFootball – Splinter Animal Allstars | FormFiftyFive – Design inspiration from around the world said on June 6, 2014

These are great! Are they for sale?

Luke said on June 6, 2014

Hi Luke, glad you like them! They’re not for sale unfortunately, we just did a short run as a fun little side project.

Jon said on June 6, 2014

How can you screw up on the Netherlands so badly. The cow is an insult, our national animal is the Lion. There are two on our national emblem, and our Football association is in the shape of a lions head.

Rus said on June 7, 2014

Hi Rus, sorry you’re not a fan of the cow. We wanted to avoid repetition of animals if possible, and as Cameroon already was a lion, we went for the second option suggested here: if we get a chance next week though, we’ll try and illustrate an alternate Netherlands lion and post it online

Jon said on June 8, 2014

I really like your work ! Argentina is so cool!!! and the jaguar is a representative animal of our fauna. We also have use it for our “pumas” (national rugby team). Now I’m living in Chile and I suggest if you can do a review, look for the “condor” for that country.
Your project Is so original! I really like to buy a set of your cards. please! Let me know how we can do it! please contact me by mail. Brasil, Croatia and to many others are gorgeous. saludos! and Vamos Argentina!! : )

mercedes said on June 9, 2014

Would you consider making these available for download so we can use them in our office? :)

Rog said on June 9, 2014

Being able to download these would be the BEST. I’d love to use these myself! If not, a limited print run of them, or something, would be amazing! I need to get my hands on a set!

Andy said on June 9, 2014

I saw your cards on Facebook via Shortlist and I love them! So bright and cheery. Was not surprised at all that you are based in Liverpool, so many creative things coming out of the city right now. Keep up the good work!

Out of interest I looked up Scotland’s national animal and it resulted in Unicorn (something tell me that cannae be right!)

Saima x

Saima Bashir said on June 9, 2014

Hi everyone, thanks for all the kind comments about the cards! We’re glad everyone is liking them!

We’re looking into whether there’s something we can put together as a download, so we’ll let you all know about that one.

Saima — it seems like Scotland’s national IS the Unicorn!!! Such a shame they aren’t at the World Cup. Maybe we’ll do that one at some point, just for the fun of it!

Jon said on June 9, 2014

Great art BUT…a hippo for Nigeria. Are you kidding me?! So our team is called the ‘Super Eagles’ for fun?

Ola said on June 9, 2014

Hi Ola, we were trying to avoid too much repetition as there are quite a few eagles and birds of prey! But we’re thinking of doing some extra alternative animals, so this one will be added to the list! :)

Jon said on June 9, 2014

Well, it is a mythical creature which pretty much sums up the team! :D Are you on twitter at all?

Saima Bashir said on June 9, 2014

Ignore my last question. Now following :)

Saima Bashir said on June 9, 2014

AMAZING! just a suggestion, Colombia’s national bird is the Condor, but I guess it s a bird that goes well with all the countries of the Andes cordillera. But hey, great job :)

Andrea Fer said on June 9, 2014

Why Uruguay has the same flag that Argentina? Not a good job at all :-/

Sergio Abella said on June 11, 2014

Insanely great! Good job! Nice artwork, I just use in my cover page on Facebook with credits, of course.

Adriano Silva said on June 11, 2014

Such a fun concept and design! I think that perhaps Japan’s should’ve been a crow as the Japanese Football Association logo is the three-legged crow from Eastern Asian legends. A crane is more associated with Japan, but the crow is easily recognized as the animal for the national soccer team. Cheers!

Momo said on June 11, 2014

Hey Sergio — not quite sure in what way you feel the Uruguay flag is the same as Argentina?

Adriano — Glad you enjoy them and we’re delighted for them to get used by people, with the correct accreditation — thanks!

Momo — interesting point about the Japanese 3-legged crow, I’ve just read up about it, and it’s a fascinating legend. I think that would have been a great alternative yeah. I think we could do a whole series of alternate animals for all the countries. Perhaps for the next World Cup!

Jon said on June 11, 2014

What Rus said. A cow isn’t the national animal of the Netherlands, and never has been. You also did the eagle for germany AND the United States right? Never mind, very nice designs, good job!!

Luuk said on June 11, 2014

Where’s the “buy now” button? It’s soo cute!!!

Beatriz Arantes said on June 11, 2014

Hello everyone, I’ve just updated the blog post above to include a link to a downloadable print-it-yourself sheet for of the animals. Enjoy!

Jon said on June 11, 2014

Great quality work they are wonderful. I would just like to know how you got a chihuahua dog (what it looks like to me) for mexico. Other options like the jaguar carry a more significant mythos in Mexican culture. We also have an eagle on our flag.

Andres said on June 11, 2014

Hi Andres, we tried to choose some animals which weren’t always the first obvious choice, just to keep it interesting. So the Mexican animal is actually the Xoloitzcuintli — which we think is the Mexican national dog. Thanks for your interest in the project!

Jon said on June 11, 2014

What’s the deal with the Aussie one mate. You should’ve gone with a flaming wombat. Or a galar. At very least a dingo.


Alf Stewart said on June 12, 2014

Great job indeed, suggestion on Bosnia, how about dragon instead of dog,….

Al said on June 12, 2014

And Uruguays bird is…?

I like them!

It would be funny (creative) to see ‘dumb ways to die’ style videos with this animals. Of course, with theme world cup theme.

Sebastian said on June 12, 2014

Hello everyone! If you’re interested, we’ve now animated all of the animals for a little interactive fixture guide —


Jon said on June 12, 2014

[…] Visit their website to see the full set. […]

Illustrated World Cup Postcards by Splinter | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration said on June 13, 2014

Jeez people, you could be nicer when seeing that your country doesn’t have the animal of your liking, I’m not saying that you can’t ask or say that it isn’t the national animal, just to be more educated.

Anyway, lovely project! I really like the designs, hopefully my country of Venezuela manages to participate next world cup so on your next batch it’s there <3

Pandita said on June 14, 2014

Love the monkey for Costa Rica but he looks scared for some reason and some other animals have sad faces hahaha. So cool you posted a download link, thanks for sharing these are great.

Gaby said on June 15, 2014

USA, definitely the bald eagle but it needs to be white and brown instead of blue.

Lisa said on June 15, 2014

These are wonderful! Could you send me a jpg of just one of them so I can post it on the blog I write for?
I can just write a quick “Check these out, they’re brilliant” with a link to your site. Or you can send me a little blurb about it and I’ll post it as well as the link and jpeg. Thank you!


Marcos said on June 15, 2014

These are great :) but, did you forget that Mexico’s most representativel is eagle devouring a snake? You could’ve used either of these, instead of the old and over used chihuahua

Désirée said on June 15, 2014

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I love the Xoloitzcuintli as the Mexican animal! Great work

Eduardo said on June 15, 2014

Hi Lisa — we took a bit of artistic license with the colouring of a lot of the animals — just to add some interest. :)

Jon said on June 15, 2014

Désirée — the suggestion of the eagle devouring a snake is a really interesting one! As Eduardo mentions, it is actually a Xoloitzcuintli rather than a Chihuahua — hope that makes it a bit less obvious :)

And Gaby — we like to try to imagine a personality to all of the animals, and that expression just seemed to suit the Costa Rican monkey. We’ve animated them all here too, just for fun —

Jon said on June 15, 2014

[…] us to upload these beautiful images here on our blog. To view the rest of them, please visit this page. And to see these cool critters interact with each other in animated fashion as the games progress […]

World Cup Animal Allstars - Passport Soccer WebLog said on June 16, 2014

Great, great work! Thanks for sharing

profeivan said on June 17, 2014


Arcs & Grids Creative Inc. | The Animal Allstars said on June 19, 2014

Hey there !
Really great work !
could I know the name of each animals please ?
I need it for science subject

Mona said on June 24, 2014

[…] estamos sacando partido al mundial, y aunque sea un poco tarde creo que merece la pena que conozcan el juego que nos proponen, y encima totalmente […]

El juego gratis para el mundial de Splog | Blog de diseño gráfico y creatividad. said on July 1, 2014

Hello everyone, we have done an A2 poster of all of the animals —

Jon said on August 19, 2014

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