kin Client: Merseyside acme

Kin is a sector promotion and networking tool for the creative industries on Merseyside. With a membership of more than 1000 businesses and individuals, the site allows the posting of business opportunities, details of relevant events, industry news and the opportunity to showcase projects via images or rich media.


Project team

  • AdamDesign & Art Direction
  • JonFront-end Development & Direction
  • BarryBack-end Development
  • ChrisContract management
  • MikeFront-end Development
Launch site

Splinter have done a really fantastic job of updating both the styling and functionality of kin2kin - the hub for Merseyside’s creative community. Not only is their design and technical knowledge first rate, but the project was delivered to budget and ahead of schedule. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to develop an effective and attractive website.

Cathy Skelly, Merseyside ACME

Each of the 14 coloured crystals represent a creative industry, like broadcasting, craft or design. People select which colours represent themselves to create their own unique crystal identity. The Kin community is well loved by the Merseyside creative community as people busily post new content every day. Also look out for the kin social events, which are fruitful, frequent and fun!!

Just type in what you want to search for, and click the suggestions or hit ENTER.