Famous People games Client: BBC

21 famous people, 400 characters, 6 game mechanics, 63 mini games, 3 batches, 84 environments, 1260 storyboard pages, 200 voices….

…all delivered in 6 months


Project team

  • ChrisProject Management, Scriptwriting
  • JonFlash Development, Management
  • AdamFlash Development
  • SteIllustration
  • ClaireIllustration
  • DaveIllustration
  • MarieIllustration
  • ZotosFlash Development
  • TonyStoryboarding
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I've been using the Famous People games in the classroom for a while now, and the children absolutely love them! We used them a lot around the Olympics to learn about Seb Coe and Tanni Grey-Thompson.

Julie Ward, Primary School Teacher

Splinter designed and developed a series of games based around 21 different famous people – ranging from the very well known such as Shakespeare, Dickens and Henry VIII, right the way through to lesser-known unsung heroes of the past such as Mary Anning and Mary Seacole!

We worked closely with educational consultant Jacqui Bannister who ensured that the content was accurate, as well as audience and curriculum specific.

If you want to find out more about how we built these games check out our blog: BEHIND THE SCENES OF BBC FAMOUS PEOPLE.

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