Blue Peter — Dress for Success Client: BBC

Are you ready for a Blue Peter challenge? If so, why not try this game that Splinter have produced for Blue Peter, where the aim of the game is to dress up presenters ready for a series of challenges in a colourful array of fun environments.


Project team

  • JonArt Direction & Development
  • ChrisProject Management & Research
  • ClaireIllustration
  • SteIllustration
  • ZotosCoding
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It was great to work with Jon Raffe and the Splinter team on the new Dress for Success Blue Peter game. They really understood the brief and took the designs exactly where we wanted them to go. Great collaborators and just generally lovely people to work with. Thank you on behalf of the CBBC Blue Peter team

Amy Williams, Senior Producer Blue Peter

The game is built on one of the BBC's new Open Games JavaScript frameworks, and hooks up the the BBC Games API for leaderboards and score tracking. The artwork is a mixture of vector and bitmap, with the backgrounds painted freehand using a graphics tablet. There were over 100 different clothing accessories drawn, and 10 different environments.

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