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The Well

The Well

…there’s also an online game working in tandem with the Well. Challenges take place within the spooky atmosphere of an early ‘Resident Evil’ installation, and rather than acting as a mere companion to the show, the surprisingly impressive depth of play serves to further develop the plot of the programme itself.

London Timeout

For the past 6 months Splinter have busily been developing the games for Conker Media’s multi-platform digital fiction event, The Well; created for BBC Switch.

The Well aired on BBC Two on Saturday afternoons and extended online where the audience immerse themselves further in the story – exploring a spookily-atmospheric recreation of the main drama location in a multi-level game. By engaging in a series of tasks and challenges the audience unlock hidden drama content which reveals the backstory to the TV drama.

Are you good at mini-games? Do you think you can beat the hag? Then have a go at The Well game, over on the BBC site.