Splinter work Well with Conker Media

0 06 Nov 09


For the past 6 months Splinter have busily been developing the games for Conker Media’s multi-platform digital fiction event, The Well; created for BBC Switch.

The Well has aired on BBC Two, Saturdays 1.15 -1.25pm. Extending online where the audience can immerse themselves further in the story, exploring a spookily atmospheric recreation of the main drama location in a multi-level game. By engaging with The Well online through completing a series of tasks and challenges the audience can unlock hidden drama content which reveals the backstory to the TV drama.

Lee Hardman, Head of Conker Media, said:

The Well bridges the gap between traditional TV and digital media by showing the creative potential of multi-layered drama in terms of storytelling.

Geoffrey Goodwin, Head of BBC Switch, says:

“The Well is a great example of Switch’s strategy to produce a broad range of high quality and exciting content for British teens, combining both established and new talent with distinctive interactive ideas.”

London’s Timeout magazine review:

…there’s also an online game working in tandem with the Well. Challenges take place within the spooky atmosphere of an early ‘Resident Evil’ installation, and rather than acting as a mere companion to the show, the surprisingly impressive depth of play serves to further develop the plot of the programme itself.

Play at http://www.bbc.co.uk/switch/thewell/game.shtml

Hope you like it!

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