Splinter go all agricultural!

0 24 Aug 10

Denbighshire and Flintshire County Councils’ joint marquee at the annual Denbigh and Flint Agricultural Show was given a clean bill of health by winning the best non-agricultural trade stand for its health and well-being theme.

The first magnetic tag is added to the panel

Featured on the stand was a panel, produced by Splinter, featuring an aerial map of the Clwydian Range and surrounding areas, printed onto a metal sheet. With the aerial photos supplied to us as hundreds of individual images, it was like a monster-sized jigsaw which pushed our Macs (and mental power) to the max!

With the handy magnetic markers we made, members of the public mark places they’ve visited and then record why that place is special to them on a separate postcard. We’re really chuffed with how the project turned out and ultimately the map and postcards will be made available to view over on the Clwydian Range website.

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