NML’s Lusitania: life, loss, legacy exhibition opens

0 01 Apr 15


Splinter is proud to have contributed to a major new Gallery for longstanding client: National Museums Liverpool (NML).

Working with NML development staff, Splinter designed and illustrated the ‘People of the Lusitania’ interactive, that is situated online and in a new gallery at Merseyside Maritime Museum. The gallery, which opened this weekend, marks the centenary of the sinking of the Lusitania and the 1,191 people whose lives were tragically lost. Visitors can search and explore the interactive for information about the people who were on board the Lusitania’s final voyage.

You can read more about Lusitania here.

Sam Carr, Web Editorial Officer at National Museums Liverpool kindly emailed us this morning to let us know how the resource was being received:

“At the exhibition launch event for the Lusitania families last night there was a queue of people to use the resource all evening, which is really unusual. Everyone who used it thought it was brilliant, so I just wanted to thank you for bringing it to life so wonderfully.”

Chris Moss and Chris Beer, project designers got it spot on, with that response.


Ste Johnson the project’s talented illustrator can’t be more pleased when Sam also said:

“Several people showed me photos of their relatives who were on the Lusitania and some of them bore an uncanny resemblance to the illustrations, especially one of the engineers, so they were spot on and really helped to bring the human aspect of the disaster across.”


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