LCH AGM – an outsider’s perspective

0 28 Sep 11


Splinter’s Print Team were recently asked to design and brand materials for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust’s (LCH) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 20th September 2011. These included the concept ‘apps’ that encompassed the seven services that LCH provide and then using these in printed materials, Powerpoint slide templates and a flick-book Flash presentation. Print Production Manager Kev McCann attended the event and his story of the day is below.


As I stepped off the train at Aintree station on the 20th September 2011, the rain began to fall heavily. As I walked to the racecourse and became damper I wondered if this was a precursor to what lay ahead for the afternoon.

I am glad to report that this was not the case. I stepped out of the lift into LCH bustling ‘market place’. Everywhere you looked there where stalls showing their wares and advertising the services that LCH provides (and a few treats too!) I felt like Harry Potter on his first visit to Diagon Alley! After a quick mingle we were asked to take our seats in the conference suite upstairs for the main event, fear entered my mind as I wondered what lay in store and more importantly, would I make it home in time for Granada Reports!

The AGM was compared by LCH’s very own Zoran, (if you imagine a younger, taller, funnier Gyles Brandreth you’re nearly there!) His dulcet tones recited Shakespeare’s ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ whilst a dancer interpreted her way through the performance. An interesting insight to what lay ahead.

The audience where then treated to the inside stories of the many services that are crammed into seven core services that LCH offer by a mixture of slides and real life accounts from LCH staff, patients and customers who have both worked with and benefitted from throughout the years. Passionate speeches where made by everyone on the stage, real life accounts from young mums, prison warders, recycled teenagers and an armchair exercise session from the Liveability Service that not even the mad waves of a red card from a lady at the back of the conference suite could stop!

The ‘seven stages/services’ went over their allotted times but each spoke with such a passion and enthusiasm about the services that they offer, it was not surprising that they found it hard to cram everything into their time slot.

We then had a comfort break before the second half of proceeding were underway and with a numb bum I made my way back to the bustling market place for a cuppa and a piece of fruit. I was in awe of what I had just seen and heard upstairs and the stalls held more purpose now, I made my way to the Innovations and Ideas stall and jotted “why doesn’t everyone know what LCH has to offer?”

The second half of proceedings had a more formal feel with the Board expressing their thanks and exuberance for the services who had spoken, a gospel version of ‘Lean on Me’ accompanied an innovative ‘iTunes’ presentation which showed even more of LCH’s crown jewels.

I have always been unaware of how much Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust’s caring professionals and proud staff do. They have always been hidden and unspoken about and this is something that (if NHS budgets allow!) should be changed.

This outsider felt uplifted as he left the conference venue, in awe of LCH.

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