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Behind the scenes of BBC Famous People….

Hot on the heels of one big BBC games project, we have another one to tell you about! This time it was for BBC Schools and was a series of games based around 21 different famous people – ranging from the very well known such as Shakespeare, Dickens and Henry VIII right the way through to lesser-known unsung heroes of the past such as Mary Anning, and Mary Seacole! This is the project that has kept us locked away for the past 6 months, so I thought now was a good time to give you all the run-down as the games have just launched on the BBC Famous People site – accessed via the thumbnails on each famous person’s page.

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Inside the world of Bitesize

About 6 months ago the Bitesize games we built for the BBC went live. We’re often asked what exactly goes into building a suite of games like those, so we thought we’d put together a bit of a blog post to creak open the door on our creative process… a bit like when Willy Wonka let people into the chocolate factory.

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Grab your popcorn…


For one day only, the Splinter meeting room has become a cosy little recording studio, with Chris from The Hatch cramming in all his fancy gear. He didn’t seem too happy being the other side of the camera though, as you can tell from the pic we took!

Class photo 2011


The newest member of the Splinter team, Claire, has been busy recently illustrating all the Splinter team, so we thought we’d show you all the final result! Now you just need to try and guess who’s who – no clues from us!

We’re looking forward to more illustrated fun from Claire in upcoming projects!

It’s the most… confusing… time of the year!


Imagine our confusion this morning when one of the Splinter team (Kev!) arrived in work with a big ol’ tray of mince pies – fresh from our favourite bulk discount store! It is only just September isn’t it? Next we’re on the lookout for cadbury’s creme eggs.

A typographic treasure


Whilst rooting around the studio this morning for something to prop a monitor up with, we stumbled across this intriguing book – the Manchester Royal Exchange Directory 1930. No idea why we have it here, but having flicked through we loved the typography and graphic style of the ads within it, so we thought we should share it with the world!

It reminds me of Professor Henry Jones Snr’s grail diary
Stevo the illustrator

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Splinter MD circa 1992


Whilst trawling through the Splinter archives we stumbled across this little gem… Chris our MD’s self-produced album from way back in 1992. Nowadays it’s more shirt-and-jumper combos than dreads-and-beats combos!

Splinter to collaborate with James May


Okay, well maybe that’s not quite true… on one of our regular trips to London we decided to pop in to the Science Museum to see if their new interactive displays had been installed and who should we find wandering around learning about lathes? The man himself, James May.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a photo for the Splinter blog, so here I am, grinning inanely. Chris had told him I was ‘his biggest fan’ (very funny Chris) – so he probably thought we were some sort of stalkers. Sorry James!

Chris, caught in the Act!


Chris has always been a huge fan of the classic early-90s comedy flick Sister Act, so he was delighted when, on one of our recent trips into the capital, we came across this… the stage musical version featuring Whoopi Goldberg herself!

A dream come true for Chris, and he couldn’t resist re-enacting the pose.

Hello London.


A couple of the Splinter gang made their way down to London this week to check out BBC White City… what a great place it is! We thought we’d take some snaps to share with you all… but we forgot. So here’s some pics of us at Oxford Circus instead!