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Author : Kevin

Very PRoud at the PR Week Awards 2013

On Tuesday 22nd October 2013 I was proud to attend the PR Week Awards together with the Comms team at Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH). We had been shortlisted for the ‘Best Internal Communications’ award for our Flu Campaign and were competing against British Airways, Avanade UK, Nokia and Philips.

The flu campaign was designed by Splinter, lovingly photographed by our good friend Matt Goodfellow from Dupe Creative and featured members of Staff and Executives from LCH. The theme had a series of 1950’s scenarios, which pokes fun at common reasons why members of staff can’t have the flu jab.

The LCH contingent (James Brown, Michelle Porteus, Rachel Robinson and Anna Beaumont) and myself (Kev McCann) headed to London’s Grosvenor Hotel. We sipped champagne, enjoyed fine dining, listened to live music from JuNK. TV’s Rob Brydon was our very funny host for the evening and he was ably assisted by ‘Voice of the Natonal Lottery’ Alan Dedicoat.

After a long, nervous wait it was our turn. Lipgloss was applied, bow ties were straightened (and that was just James!), teeth chattered and the ‘Highly Commended’ (or ‘loser’ as Rob Brydon eloquently put it) was announced as Nokia. Bottoms were then clenched tightly and the award was awarded to… Splinter Design with Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust!!!


Rachel, Michelle and Anna’s screams of delight could probably woke young Prince George who was trying to get a nights sleep in before his Christening the following day, whilst James and I enjoyed a man hug! Still congratulating ourselves on stage, I grabbed the award from Jane Wilson (CIPR CEO) whilst Rob Brydon stood shaking hands with no-one before we noticed and turned to accept his congratulations.

PR Week Award winners with Rob Brydon and Jane Wilson (CIPR CEO)

Overall an unbelievable night, I personally have never felt as proud as I do now having produced a piece of work that has received a PR Week Award, which are widely accepted by the PR and communications sector to be the equivalent of the film industry’s ‘Oscars’.

Thank you to all at LCH and Matt Goodfellow.

Achoo! Splinter get a Flu Jab with Liverpool Community Health!

Gary Andrews LCH Flu Campaign

A recent flu campaign created by Rachael Boden, Sarah Parsons and Kevin McCann from Splinter for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH) has gained national coverage from ‘The Drum‘ and ‘Click Liverpool‘.

A fun time was had by the Splinter Team creating the concepts and slogans, and by the end of it we came up with a lovely 50′s style campaign which was made even better when LCH staff bravely volunteered to be photographed for the campaign. Matt from Dupe Creative took brilliant photos for us to use and the results speak for themselves.

LCH Flu Campaign

LCH AGM 2012


The 20th September 2012 heralded Liverpool Community Health (LCH) NHS Trusts second Annual General Meeting (AGM).

After Splinter’s very own Kev McCann attended last years AGM, we at Splinter HQ decided upon the theme of ‘Amazing Feats’, after all, LCH perform so many of them, day in and day out.

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2012 Sea Odyssey

Liverpool City Centre came to a standstill at the weekend with the arrival of the Sea Odyssey Giants.

Splinter HQ in Blundell Street saw the Giant Uncle saunter past the office to check if anyone was working on Saturday 21st April 2012. Luckily for us, Phil Matthews from Flamin Delux was on hand to capture the event on the camera!

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Hello Chris, gotta new motor!

Splinter MD Chris Beer has finally got round to purchasing a new car to help his recurring back problems due to his increasing maturity.

After talk of Land Rovers and other butch cars, Chris has gone for the hairdressers special, the Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin.

In true Splinter style, the lads from the office have suitably decorated the car for him!

LCH PS Magazine

Splinter have been working on the Liverpool Community Health (LCH) PS staff magazine for over 3 years now.

The magazine contains numerous articles for LCH NHS staff to read on all that is happening within LCH and it’s related projects. The bi-monthly publication is both printed and produced as a Pageturn document.


LCH AGM 2011

We were approached by Liverpool Community Health (LCH) to concept and design their 2011 AGM conference materials based on the brief, William Shakespeare’s ‘The Seven Ages of Man’.

LCH’s Head of Communications, Engagement and Marketing, James Brown, asked the simple question of ‘If Shakespeare was alive today, what would he be writing on?’

Armed with this brief, Print Production Manager Kev McCann went about the task of creating 15 ‘app’ icons which showed LCH’s take on Shakespeare’s ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ plus other icons which encompass their core visions and values. The inside pages were designed around a social network theme and hey presto the Annual Report and Accounts 2011 was created!

Invitations, summary documents, feedback cards and slide presentations were also produced for the event which Kev was proud to attend, and if you want to know what happened, check out his blog.


LCH AGM – an outsider’s perspective


Splinter’s Print Team were recently asked to design and brand materials for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust’s (LCH) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 20th September 2011. These included the concept ‘apps’ that encompassed the seven services that LCH provide and then using these in printed materials, Powerpoint slide templates and a flick-book Flash presentation. Print Production Manager Kev McCann attended the event and his story of the day is below.


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Rach did the Hoovering… No honestly she did!

There was a scary noise coming from the Splinter house today. It was the noise of Rachael vacuuming in the back of the studio. Not only was she tidying for the first time in her life, but she also assembled the unfamiliar piece of machinery together. After aggressively fighting her ground to ensure that we did not purchase a Henry Hoover, she ordered the penultimate Vax Mach 5. Now we have remembered the original colour of the carpet is in fact, a charming shade of blue.


Liverpool’s Challenge

We have been working closely with Liverpool Primary Care Trust with their ‘Liverpool’s Challenge’ campaign for over a year now, producing information packs, newsletters, e-newsletters, signage and advertising on their behalf. Liverpool’s Challenge gives people the chance to get active, eat healthier, and help the city lose one million pounds of weight.